Maintenance & Repairs

Performance Air Conditioning & Heating also offerscomplete repair service. We strive to make SAME DAY SERVICE CALLS and stock all the equipment and parts needed to repair a malfunctioning system. In most cases,we are able to perform the repairs during the initial service call.

We offer VERY COMPETITIVE SERVICE AGREEMENTS FOR RENTAL OWNERS. Not only do our service agreements include great discounts on parts and labor, but we’ll typically stock a complete replacement system for our rental owner customers. This means that we are even able to replace an entire system at a moment’s notice. WE ACT QUICKLY TO KEEP YOUR TENANTS HAPPY. We understand that if your tenants are happy, then you will be too!

Large Company Service at Small Company Prices

We make every attempt to provide same-day service and sales calls and are a large enough company to be able to do so yet small enough to still offer great prices. Let Performance Air Conditioning & Heating provide you with THE SERVICE YOU DESERVE AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD