Your Heat Pump Is Your Home’s MVP

Is it cold? Is it warm? Whatever the temperature you choose, your heat pump is your home’s MVP. They can keep you warm—or cool—depending on what you need at the time. Whether you want to be cozy in the fall or enjoy ice cold air in the summer, your heat pump can do the trick—and if you don’t have one, call an HVAC contractor to install one!

When you want heating and cooling, choose a heat pump

Heat pumps are used to either cool the air inside your home or pump hot air back into it. Their main job as part of your home’s HVAC services is to redistribute heat, whether they pull it in from outside and pump it into your home, or vice versa.

When it’s cold outside, your heat pump pulls heat from the exterior and pushes it into your indoor air, so you can enjoy the coziness without a fire. When it’s warm, your heat pump pulls heat out of your home to ensure it’s cool indoors.

Why not both?

Choosing between air conditioners, furnaces and heaters can be tough. Why not both? Invest in a heat pump and the HVAC contractors at Performance Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC will help you get the heating and cooling you need. We provide free estimates on repair, installation and replacement services. Contact us today to learn more.

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